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Little Ditty

DITTY Landscape 3  credits.png

short film

Little Man leaves "Plato's Cave" for a new freedom, not realising that he has arrived at another unpercieved reality trap.

Little Man works all the time not knowing day or night. A little ditty haunts him to the point of madness. Compelled to escape he discovers a passage to a seemingly new free life. A political allegory with a nod to silent comedy classics.
Starring Anthony Mir and Akmal Saleh.
Writer/Director: Guillermo Martin Sepulveda. Cinematography: Andrew Gleboff. Editor:  Glen Whelan. Producer: Guillermo Martin Sepulveda. 
(C) GMS Jan 2021. 9.52 mins.


DITTY Landscape 3 credits.png

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