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The Key Lord

Supporters and Crew Update

As INDEPENDENT filmmakers we are together moving forward.

Thanks to you  we have completed principal photography

and now the final edit on the Key Lord short film.

The next steps are finessing the special visual effects, the film grading, the final sound edit and sound mix.

Finally we then have the technical elements to complete in ensuring professional theatrical and film festival screenings.

All pictures here are untreated publicity photos

taken by Cliff Kent


(Posted by Guillermo - updated 11 June 2022)

The story


16 minutes with credits.

Something for children, adults and families.


Two wide-eyed girls escape their suffocating parents and journey on a supernatural adventure in the midst of a pandemic lockdown.


Along the way they leave their ordinary world and enter a supernatural, fearful and timeless place that is the domain of the Key Lord. The Key Lord frightens the girls into finding their confidence and place in the world. They build an everlasting friendship with each other.

The girls return, stronger in their character and with a new understanding with their parents.

One of the girls discovers the powerful Silver Key left by the Key Lord to wield a new power.

The film develops through a journey from a time of excess (Pre-Covid), a time of severe lockdowns (Covid), and a hope of a new path of understanding (Post-Covid).

Note: We never see the girls unmasked until the very end of the film. Pictured here is an exclusive and confidential preview!

The Old Silver Key259 smaller.png
image TOSK.png
image TOSK.png

First developing
landscape poster

We are developing film posters for marketing opportunities, theatrically, social media,

digital and print media.

Kids smaller_edited.jpg

Tara Collis


Kids smaller_edited.jpg

Gezel Bardossi


TOSK last SM_edited.jpg

Clariza Vicente 

Ella - Valentina's mother

The Old Silver Key83 - reduced.jpg

Will Rodriguez

Victor - Renee's father

The Old Silver Key439_edited.jpg

Amiran Winter

The Key Lord

The Old Silver Key75 smaller.png

Ella and Victor

Ella, mother of Valentina, and Victor, father of Renee, have issues to be resolved with their children.

Valentina and Renee run off to discover adventures and a sense of freedom.

They travel through doors, rooms and meet the Key Lord who leads them to

a new understanding.

The Old Silver Key61 smaller.png
The Old Silver Key191 smaller.png
The Old Silver Key401 smaller.png
The Old Silver Key221 Renee.png

Renee and Valentina

After adventures, Renee and Valentina are caught in a pandemic.


In the dark days of Covid

they discover the aftermath

and see something of the devastation.

The Old Silver Key221 Valentina.png

is coming

After their adventure, Renee and Valentina are free to return home.

We see them unmasked

for the first time!

Girls in Mist37.1.jpg

Renee discovers the
Silver Key

Confidentially, it is Renee who discovers the Silver Key

left by the Key Lord.

Renee and Victor 2.png

The team
prepares for
a take

The professional camera team with Director of Photogrpahy Nicholas Price and his team - Aysha Galloway and Zeke Collins have crafted a beautiful film that highlights

the amazing location and

the wonderful performances.

The film has been shot on widescreen for a cinematic experience.

lee 6_edited.jpg

An uplifting story to usher in better times. A ray of hope.

The main actors in a break during principal photography.

Their relationship on the set was warm, convivial and filled with laughter.

The Old Silver Key159.1.jpg

The Soundtrack

We have secured the original works of fantastic composers and musicians working in Australia.


 Amaru Tribe

Nancy Laver

Amiran Winter

LONJA Candombe band (pictured)

Vanessa Andres, Luis Santalucia,

Antonia Escobar, Leo Rizzo and

Fernando Pedro Andres

The Old Silver Key89,2.jpg


Our gifted team has crafted some extraordinary work for the short film.

Here are some examples.


Make-up and special effects by

Cole Wilson and Lee Hanly-Bailey and Lorraine Joy Page.

The Key Lords costume was created by Jenna Slaviero.

Costume Make up smaller 2.png

The Location

The short film was shot entirely at Ettalong Beach in the Central Coast

at the extraordinary Galleria and Cinema Paradiso.

Our sincere thanks go to the loving creation of Jerry and Nina Altavilla at Ettalong Beach Galleria and Cinema Paradiso for their generous support in making this film a reality.

Established in 1979, the Galleria is only one hour from Sydney and Newcastle.

This unique dining precinct offers over 50 boutique shops.

Established in 1999, Cinema Paradiso boasts 6 screens showcasing the latest film releases, block busters

and art house films.

As their inspiring motto goes,

"Great things are done by small things brought together".

The Old Silver Key177 SMALLER.png

The Production

Principal photography took place over 4 and a half days with a tight professional crew.

As Napoleon is known to have said that, "an army marches on its stomach", a delicious lunch and dinner was provided by contracting

Marek and the team

at Cafe Palacinki (at the Galleria).

The Old Silver Key407 SMALLER.png


Post-production is underway with a final cut complete.

We are fortunate to have professional post-production talent that will take the film into another level.

Daniel Stone is a complete filmmaker with many talents across the film process. He will work on the special visual effects and the colour grading.

Peter Johnson, a seasoned sound genius will see to the sound editing and the sound mix to provide that cinematic and engaging experience.

The Old Silver Key168 smaller.png
Lee 3.jpg
Flipped family image 2.png

Diverse team

Promoting diversity in the arts and giving artists an opportunity to shine

will always be at the heart of

Incandescent Productions.

Our cast, production team technicians, post-production team, musicians and financial supporters - mainly come from

diverse backgrounds

and many locals from

the Central Coast.

The film is produced in regional NSW, promoting business and future filmmaking right here.


The film release

Once the film is complete, we hope to have a red carpet premiere event at Cinema Paradiso, Ettalong Beach.

We will also make downloadable film links available in the near future.

We plan to have a cinematic release and also be featured in

many international film festivals.

Pictured are the actors - Patrick Dwyer, Joseph Dwyer, Archer Wake,

Jackson Dean Stubbings

with Guillermo (writer and director).

Our past success places us in a great position for further opportunities:

The old Silver Key, sht 4583 smaller.png
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