Daniel Stone - Bathroom Chat from Frank Calls (short film)
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The last journey of life

Last Goodbye

A short film 2020

Starring Clariza Vicente Filipowski and Calvin Patrick Williams, with supporting extras.

Written, directed, filmed and edited by Guillermo Martin Sepulveda. Sound by Peter Johnson.

Music by Sergey Slavsky. Produced by Hilary Clare Johnson and Guillermo Martin Sepulveda.

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International Film Festival awards and Official Selections (till 24 May 2021): La Dolce Vita Cine Rome (Best Short Film), Mont. Blanc International Paris (Best Experimental Short Film), South Film and Arts Academy Festival Chile (Best Indie Short Film), Twilight Tokyo Film Festival (Best experimental short film), Big Ben International Film Festival London (Best Experimental Film), Oasis Inter Continental Film Festival (Best Picture Award), Brandenburg International Film Festival Berlin Germany (Best Experimental Film), Gangtok International Film Festival India (Best Short Script), Cinephilia Motion Pictures Festival Spain (Best Experimental Film), Brooklyn International Cinefest NY USA (Outstanding Experimental Film), Picasso Einstein Buddha International Film Festival India (Best Editor), Virgin Spring Cinefest India (Silver Award), Krimson Horyzon International Film Festival (Phenomenal Attainment Award), Kateye International Film Festival (Outstanding Achievement Winner), L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival India (Outstanding Achievement), World Film Carnival Singapore (Outstanding Achievement), Tagore International Film Festival India (Outstanding Achievement), Druk International Film Festival Bhutan (Outstanding Achievement), Sand Dance International Film Festival India (Finalist), Festival de Cine Fenacir Mexico (Semi-finalist), Ostia International Film Festival Italy (Semi-finalist), Directors Cut International Film Festival Canada (Semi-finalist), New Cinema Lisbon Film Festival (Semi-finalist). Other Official Selections - Europa Film Festival Spain, Short Shot Fest Moscow, Vesuvius International Monthly Film Festival Italy, Indo Overseas Film Festival India, Oasis Inter Continental Film Festival India.

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