Daniel Stone - Bathroom Chat from Frank Calls (short film)
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Hi, welcome to the introduction page! My name is Guillermo Martin Sepulveda. I am an award winning short film and documentary filmmaker, an AFTRS graduate and have completed studies at NIDA. Feel free to contact me about this feature film! 

Saludos! Guillermo.

Australian Writer's Guild member #19262 (Accredited Writer).

Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts member #77039 (Accredited Director).


She's My Nicki! 

Splitting up their belongings, ex-couple ROXIE and DOUGIE squabble over their most important possessions – their friends and their number one asset, the enigmatic NICKI. The journey takes a crazy ride for real love when Nicki conspires to bring them back together.

This indie feature film has humorous insights into appalling behavior, the value of real friends, redemption, being true to oneself, fighting the good fight and finding true love – all set in a bright and confident diverse contemporary Sydney.

Plot  - a snippet.

In a shared activism for a better world, Roxie (23) and Dougie (25) forge a fiery love. They become their friends all-time favorite couple. In the day-to-day of being together, taking secure jobs and conforming, they become different people to what they originally imagined themselves to be. Along the way, they lost their love. Who are they today? To everyone's horror Roxie and Dougie, announce their breakup.


"Like the songs says, you and I had our hearts set on something. Now that something is gone," says Roxie.*

Roxie and Dougie split up amicably and divide their belongings. At the last moment they realise they have not divvied up their important possessions – their idiosyncratic friends! Who gets to keep whom and for how long, who must never be seen again, who gets visiting rights on certain holidays, who gets time-shared? We meet their wonderful, bizarre and unconventional friends.


Hoping to lock-in their eclectic and adventurous friends, Roxie and Dougie wreak havoc! Friends are distraught and divided and some friends are never friends again.

Now Roxie and Dougie have one last person to decide upon - the amazing and charismatic NICKI (26).


Who will get to keep the only person they met at exactly the same time? They both want Nicki. My Nicki. Who does Nicki belong to? Who will win Nicki?

Nicki however will not be swayed. She has only one thing she answers to - the BIG BOSS.

After some startling character reveals, Nicki plots to bring Roxie and Dougie back together again. For real and forever.

Will true love rise and mend their broken hearts?

"Cupid draw back your bow
and let your arrow go
straight to my lover's heart for me, for me."

- Sam Cooke

* Images used with fair use provisions,  used here as inspiration only. "When the war is over" by Cold Chisel.

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