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Two psychologically estranged brothers, dating twin women, make a catastrophic decision after their tormented father returns, changing their twin lives forever.


Betrayal, Murder, Love, Redemption.

The story

Feature drama, crime, psychological mystery, otherworldly, neo-noir.

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Death's journey

A cartel gang takes Francisco away and he is never found again. On the Day of the Dead he returns in a ghostly skeleton for, to his first astonished then accepting parents.


He travels to Australia to warn Vicki to keep away from Carmelita, and to say goodbye. The dead and the living dance in a touching, longing but impossible love.

A new

Vicki decides to seek the truth and arrives at Carmelia.


There she flies Francisco’s kite for a new day.

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Extraordinary artist and his musicians will perform music and songs composed by Victor.


Also with special music by Daniel Stone and others to be announced.


The play will debut in late October 2024 to coincide with the Day of the Dead and Halloween celebrations.

We will feature animation and video creations by Daniel Stone projected on a background screen.

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More Artisits

The play will feature choreographed dancing from Sandra Lucas, her team and other dancers, musicians, singers, actors, and make-up and design specialists.

More updates soon!

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