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Five Minutes

The Journeys of Juan Diaz Bastida

As a boy Juan witnessed first hand the tumultous years of the Spanish Civil War and the atrocities committed under a murderous dictatorship. Like many, the great suffering of his family compelled teenage Juan to flee Spain forever. After many failed attempts he escaped to journey the world over. Arriving illegally in Australia he found the love of his life and worked tirelessly to give security and peace to his children far from the violence of his childhood. A true story.  ​Publisher: Shining Press Australia. ISBN 10: 1876870052 / ISBN 13: 9781876870058

Breaking the Fall

The Jeannette MacMillan story

After a life of abuse Jeannette just wants justice. A justice the law could never give her. So she tied up, belted and tortured a man who had molested her children. She made the news , the headlines but the molester got away.

This is the story of a woman's struggle to overcome a life of childhood sexual and physical abuse. The interminable delay of justice, the heartbreak, the self-abuse and the theft of a childhood that marks her life day by day. Jeannette lives fully and each day she reaches for the light.

Most days it just rains. Her dark struggle, her joy, her life. A true story.

A manuscript.

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