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The Keylord

An original adventure,
and a magical drama like no other

A new short film in post-production 2022

Renee with key.jpg

An uplifting story to usher in better times. A ray of hope.

Two wide-eyed girls escape their suffocating parents and journey on a supernatural adventure in the midst of a pandemic lockdown.


They enter a special fearful and timeless place that is the domain of the Keylord. The Keylord frightens and helps the girls find their place in the world.

The girls return home, stronger in their character and with a new understanding with their parents.

One of the girls discovers the powerful Silver Key to wield a new power.

The film takes the characters and audience through a journey from a time of excess (Pre-Covid), a time of severe lockdowns (Covid), and a hope of a new path of understanding (Post-Covid).

Kids smaller.jpg
TOSK last SM.jpg
Photos above by Cliff Kent

The project was filmed in the Central Coast in NSW with many local artists - actors and award winning film creatives. It will bring the community together, promoting the culture and business of the area and to also build interest in the possibilities of a thriving artistic film community.

The film has people from diverse backgrounds in front and behind the camera. The film best represents the true contemporary milieu of Australia.

Producer, writer and director - Guillermo Martin Sepulveda

Child actors - Tara, Gezel

Adult actors - Clariza Vicente Filipowski, Will Rodriguez 

Producer - Adrian Kumic, Hilary Johnson and Guillermo

Director of Photography - Nicholas Price

Animator and special visual effects - Daniel Stone

Music - Nancy Laver

Amaru Tribe

Uruguyan Candome band

Ami Winter 

Editor - Guillermo

Sound Designer - Peter Johnson

Special effects make up - Cole Wilson

The Old Silver Key221.jpg
Girls in Mist37.1.jpg
Photos above by Cliff Kent
The filming location - Ettalong Galleria and the Cinema Paradiso

Our last short film "Last Goodbye" 2021 was the recipient of international film awards and official screen selections.

The film has won numerous trophies, awards, certificates and screened in Berlin, New York, Hollywood, Paris, Sydney, Rome, Moscow, Tokyo, various Indian cities, various Spanish festivals, London, Thailand, Nepal, Singapore, Bhutan, Chile, Hawaii, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Portugal...and counting.

CLARIZA landscape 27 March 2021.jpg

"Last Goodbye" has screened at 58 international film festivals.

It was won 47 awards including best short, best picture, best director, best actor, best actress, best film score, best editor.

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