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Guillermo Martin Sepulveda

IncanDescent Productions

/ɪnkanˈdɛsənt/ meaning - Substances or devices that give out substantial light when heated, or, esp,. white-hot

Synonyms: glowing, shining,
Adjective: Brilliant; masterly; extraordinarily lucid, aglow with ardor, purpose, wit.
Guillermo has Inca and Mapuche ancestry.
Hence - Incan descent.
IncanDescent Productions has a successful history of productions and is now focused on creating feature films and feature plays.
Guillermo came to Australia as a child refugee. He is a Native American and an Australian citizen.
Guillermo is an award-winning filmmaker. His films and TV programs are broadcast around the world and have also been produced for SBS, ABC and various Foxtel channels.
With IncanDescent Productions, Guillermo has  gathered a team of CALD diverse artists to develop new cinema, theatrical, television and media art.
Guillermo is a graduate of the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and also completed studies at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA). At AFTRS he studied Directing and Screenwriting and at NIDA in 2018 he has completed Producing, Directing and Writing for the Stage and Screen. He is also a published author, playwright, and a Digital Marketing and Social Media whizz for various clients.
Philanthropy Work
Guillermo has garnered an International Human Rights Commendation award, City of Melbourne Open Award and numerous charity certificates for outstanding contributions.
Guillermo's philanthropic and environmental working experience has raised millions of dollars for Amnesty International Australia and UNICEF. Other charities benefiting from Guillermo's fundraising management work include The Cancer Council, The Wilderness Society, The Australian Red Cross, The Fred Hollows Foundation and other peak organisations. Guillermo is also a former staff member of Amnesty International and UNICEF.​​

Working With Children Check Number: WWC0261269E

Australian Writer's Guild member #19262 (Accredited Writer).

Australian Academy Cinema Television Arts member #77039 (Accredited Director).

This website features material that is completely self-produced and also highlights the work created for other entities and is owned by them.

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